Best Psilocybe Cubensis Strains for beginners

Best Psilocybe Cubensis Strains for beginners

Magic mushrooms from Buy my weed online are large fungal “plants” that draw worldwide coverage due to their benefits in terms of medicine and recreation. Although they look like every other mushroom, they have a variety of benefits.

Most popular strains of magic mushrooms

There are more than 190 magic mushrooms, all of which contain psilocybin. You can all make a trip, but here in this article, we’re talking about some of the best Psilocybe Cubensis Strains that are very common among all types of users, particularly beginners.

Golden Teacher

The precise origin of the Golden Teacher remains unknown, but it emerged in the late 1980s. It is a perfect mushroom strain for beginners due to its excellent benefits.

It has big golden caps and a thick stem, and its name is possibly derived from its cap color. You will get many flushes from one batch (new growths) and like to develop in the following substrates.

B+ Cubensis

A lot of people believe that this is the most popular of all cubensis. It has an unknown root but is listed as a variation of P. azurescens/P. Cubensis with an over-average degree of potency. It can germinate easily (i.e., mycelium spores) and produce a complete first flush followed by smaller ones.


Many users believe that this strain has more spatial and physical impacts, with a significant enhancement of variance at larger doses. It doesn’t offer you an incredibly intense psychoactive experience; however, you may want to stay close to your residence for the maximum dosage.


The strain is ideal for a beginner because mycelium grows quickly and easily. John W. Allen first found it to expand on bovine dung at the Angkor Wat temple complex, the most significant holy monument globally, the Buddhist temple in Cambodia.

Orissa India

This strain is higher than most other cubensis strains and has broad caps and first discovered by John W. Allen. This strain is perfect for newcomers since it is a rather welcoming strain and avoids toxins.

Florida White

It is an A+ strain and is a favorite among experienced farmers for the stunning visuals it offers. It is typically higher in intensity, and since it is very thick, it does not lose much in drying.

Penis Envy

Penis Envy is one of the most challenging mushrooms because just 5% of the mushrooms shed their spores, have a short shelf period, and easily contaminate them. It is also usually more expensive to purchase.

Seven to ten days are required to germinate, so you must be patient. Some people say that although they only have to wait a bit while they have dead spores.

This strain’s creator was RG back in the 1990s, but many believed the late Terrance McKenna ran this strain. Most people claim that it is around 1.5x stronger than ordinary cubensis, and yes, it is shaped like a penis.

Z Strain

Buy my weed online Z Strain was produced in a laboratory and is one of the quickest and most active strains to grow. It grows thick and meaty mushrooms and uses all its support very well. The mushrooms are also higher than most other strains and have been documented to be higher than standard strength.

Jack Herer strain

Jack Herer strain

Buy my weed online Jack Herer strain is a mixture that tends Sativa mildly and is well recognized for its potent therapeutic effects. It is also swift to plant, making it an easy bud for newbies who grow cannabis. Its flavor has a citrus-dominant scent profile with pine and skunk notes due to its parent Shiva Skunk. It also provides a lot of energy so you can wake and bake smoke for the morning.


Jack Herer cannabis strain is a classic hybrid that combines several separate worlds: it has a distinctive but delicate scent, an exceptional and remarkable medicinal potential, and several soothing and stimulating effects.

Sensi Seeds developed the cannabis strain of Jack Herer in the Netherlands in the 1990s. Dutch pharmacies and physicians did not take this strain long after it grew and saw its powerful medicinal potential.

This 55 percent Sativa 45 percent indica flower is a well-generated mix of its parent strains, Haze (Sativa), Northern Lights #5 (Indica), and Shiva Skunk (Indica), a well-designed hybrid is providing percentages on both sides of the continuum.

The Jack Herer cannabis produces approximately 18 to 24% THC, which makes it particularly promising to generate the impact that you imagine. Besides the fantastic feelings, Jack Herer weed is simple to cultivate and offers a smaller medium-sized yield for the flowering season.


The Jack Herer herb has a distinct but tasty smell, reminiscent of the damp, skunky land you might find in an ancient forest. This is one of the strains you can feel very close to nature, and you can anticipate Jack Herer to have raspberry, wooden cues that are attributable to the scent of Skunk genetics.

You should expect close observations on the scent of the flower, with an additional sweetness that makes your treats satisfied and happy.



Jack Herer is an appropriate choice if you’re someone who wants traction and a pick-up from your weed strains. You should hope to do any of the material after smoking, with effects almost instantaneously.

The Jack Herer strain can be a great facilitator for intense, insightful discussions, fun, hysteric, light-hearted conversations. And don’t think about losing your consciousness, either, since these nuts always keep you conscious and on your toes but not usually in a way that leads to anxiety or nervousness.

You could end up feeling like you’re going through the sky later in your high, and when Jack Herer continues to carry, it produces an incredible rush of euphoria that doesn’t need to be calming.


Jack Herer weed has a very significant range of possible medical effects, with most of them across the spectrum of neurological disorders. The strain is highly helpful in treating people with chronic fatigue and anxiety.


However, it is best to instantly take a significant dose of strain if you plan to take Buy my weed online  Jack Herer pot to cope with extreme discomfort, nausea, loss of appetite, or migraines.

Not only does the strain provide all the cortical results you’d experience from a strong Sativa, but it still delivers ample indicia genetics to offer you a range of well-rounded care benefits. Jack Herer is also used for fatigue, migraines, and loss of appetite and always helps you and your specific disease.

Vape Pen How to Use it for THC, CBD

The vape pen usage is an easy, fast way to Vape, especially if you’re a novice or new to Vaping. The logical evolution of the original e-cigarette was the vape pens. Originally they were primarily used to vaporize with tobacco, but nowadays, Vape devices are mostly used for Buy my weed online cannabis oil cartridges and CBD juice. Because of their durability, a Vape pen may be used with several atomizers to vaporize different compounds. This post focuses on how THC, CBD, can be used effectively using a vape pen.

What is a Vape Pen?

Buy my weed online Vape pens are a form of vaporizer specially built for the vaporization of distilling cannabis and oils. They are called Vape pens because the lightweight nature of these devices matches conventional pens. Vape pens first entered the e-cigarette scene from Janty’s business in 2010; Joyetech became famous shortly afterward.

How to use a vape pen for THC

The most popular usage for Vape today is for cannabis oil cartridges that have been pre-filled. These units are also known as cannabis or weed pens and are usually compatible with 510- threaded oil carts.

First, Remove the seal from the lower part of your oil cartridge and attach it to the vape pen battery. Before start, must ensure that the vape pen is fully charged. . Remember not to push the side button before you start to inhale, or if you don’t, your lips will hurt. Try to start with a little puff, and wait several minutes before measuring the effects, particularly if you’re fresh to vaporize THC oil. The symptoms can appear mild initially, but they can develop on you.

If your device’s voltage setting is multiple, start with the lowest setting to avoid dry burn. Nowadays, several of the newest cartridges are available in the market that uses ceramic coils that can withstand more heat or pressure without burning; if you require more voltage to get a pleasurable puff, you purchase these cartridges from the market.

How to use a vape pen for CBD

CBD cartridges are a perfect way to Vape CBD oil with a full spectrum. Like weed oil cartridges, you have to remove the rubber and tighten the cartridge onto your device. If you have a vape pen, Take a short puff and wait a few minutes to calculate the results. If your device’s voltage setting is multiple, start with the lowest setting to avoid dry burn.

CBD vape juice

You can use a standard Vape pen for CBD Vape juice. You just fill any empty fuel oil cartridge with your own CBD vapor juice, but you want a new e-liquid vape pen to fit the most e-liquids on the market today to make the flavor better.

Make careful to Vaporize a CBD cartridge or CBD vape juice and not CBD oil, fill your cartridge or tank with CBD vape juice, put it on your steam pen, and wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes before the e-liquid is absorbed. Now you’re able to take a short puff and wait a few minutes to test the results.

How long do cannabis edibles stay fresh?

After the legalization of BuyMyWeedOnline cannabis, most people are interested and love to use cannabis in the form of edibles and recently with the pandemic, many have forgotten to smoke for health purposes and have turned to edibles weed. If you have purchased dried foods, noodles, and paper goods, you might even have stock edibles. One interesting question we hear most is how long edibles of cannabis can remain fresh?

A chocolate-infused cannabis bar has the same shelf life as a standard bar. Like items found in all stores, preservative edibles can last longer than preservative-free products. The same refers to homemade meals. If you produce cannabrownies, anticipate them to remain healthy for the same length of time as conventional brownies. Cannabis in a meal does not impair the shelf-life of the meal itself.

Do Edibles Expire?

The short response is yes, like any other food product, the cannabis edibles will finally expire. The good part is that you can preserve your food by cooling or freezing it if you want it to last longer than it normally does. In addition to holding them cold, you can cover them up to shield them from interaction with air. If you like homemade items to last more than a week or if you want the food obtained from your supermarkets to last until their regular date of “best before” you should roll it up in plastic roll or tape and place it in the freezer.

If you are worried about how long your edibles would last, purchasing it from the shop is almost certainly safer than cooking it yourself. When you buy them in a supermarket, they will come in packaging that has a specifically stated “best before” date, but there is no indication how long they will be healthy and stay good.

This allows you to ensure that you don’t consume edibles that are bad; you can also chat with your weed specialist in a pharmacy or clinic about the right way to store your edibles. For example,BuyMyWeedOnline  cannabis gummies are typically available in containers that will help retain freshness for as long as possible.

But on the other side when you are having a chocolate bar or baked goods you don’t have time offer; usually, it is better to keep the unused part wrap with a plastic bag. Bear in mind that if you buy marijuana edibles, you must read the description or the expiry date so that you know that you have enough time to eat your pot edibles.


Slurricane is a powerful 60/40 Indicia blend, the perfect option for those who want the excellent taste and an intense Kush. Slurricane creates a massive euphoric head with a chubby body pulse that leaves you couch-locked for the night. It’s the right effort to enjoy a long night with friends or watch a nice show.


The Buy My Weed Online strain of Slurricane was produced by In House Genetics from an influenced Do-Si-Dos cross with Purple Punch. The strain is delicious and will encourage anyone to try it out, and it’s because the strain can surpass THC amounts by up to 28 percent. It’s not a novice strain, of course; it’s a perfect option for experienced users.


Your tolerance will mostly decide this incredible strain; nevertheless, people tend to enjoy this traditional high roller coaster hybrid. At first, there might be a rash of euphoria in mind, frequently followed by a series of tingles from the back of the head to the toes. Right after you thought you couldn’t be happier; the real effects are starting to kick in. Many people say that Slurricane offers them good sedation, which often leads to sleep, so it’s better to use this potent strain in the evening or night.

The Slurricane Super-high THC consistency makes things a little bit harder for most newbie’s. This strain will be a fantastic for experienced users who have a better sense of resistance.


The Slurricane scent cannot be overlooked. It’s an incredibly fruity scent, much of the profile being berry and herbs. There is a rather intense presence of salty, earthy sounds. It’s a tempting smell that everyone would like to experience.


It’s perfect for helping those who have any tension, anxieties, and nervousness. Slurricane is a pleasant, cheerful smoke and thus a healthier solution to distressed people.

The remedy of chronic headaches and migraines is another medical use. It is better than the usual strain and has been effectively used for cerebral relief, combined with a creative and cheerful release, to make you more comfortable.


Buy My Weed Online Slurricane is a stunningly powerful coaster of vivid magical upliftment that will raise your minds and maximize your satisfaction. If you’re eager to try this potent strain, why are you waiting? Visit, one of the leading online dispensary and order now Slurricane and start enjoying awesome results.

How to avoid the dreaded cross faded high

If you love to get high and get drunk, you are one of those who believe that this BuyMyWeedOnline mixture of the two is a match in heaven.

No doubt drunk and high sometimes create a good experience, but it’s the reverse most frequently. Here in this article we discuss what is cross faded high and how you can avoid this. So keep reading.

What is cross faded?

It sounds weird, but cross-faded indicates that at the same time you’re drunk and high. The feeling is going to go anyway: funny or awful. Many occasions when people speak of fading, they’re referring to a terrible experience with this situation.

How does being cross faded feel?

There are two potential directions to go the cross fade: the pleasant euphoric way or the bad, nervous way. A pleasurable euphoric crossfading feels like a world beyond restriction. You think that the universe is your oyster, and all your wildest fantasies are in charge. It’s the super conductor’s very good feeling that always hits the Tequila shots, and the Bong joins hands in full harmony.

In the other hand, the second and more frequently cross fade is the worst nightmare that allows you experience the terrified turn of events.

You feel disoriented and dizzy when you turn, and as you close your eyes, the world starts to spin around six million miles an hour in your mind.

How to stop being cross faded

Another unpleasant fact is that this situation cannot be prevented. When he gets control of you, you’re on a trip until he chooses to stop. Think about it as a common cold: there has never been, and will never be, a remedy, only steps and medication that you may use to treat yourself when the body goes to fight with the ill.

Here are a few strategies to manage a harmful cross faded encounter:

  • BuyMyWeedOnline Cannabis and alcohol both dehydrate the body, which is why it is recommended that you consume lots of water while you are high or drunk at the same time. Water would often appear to reduce the volume of blood alcohol that will make you sober quickly. Since alcohol is the thing that sends THC into your bloodstream, we’re going to urge you to chew a little H20 when you get too faded.
  • You might feel all sticky and upset when you’re faded. Finding a cool place to ease the degree to which your body feels overheated and dizzy can be a wonder for a cross-faded process.
  • This is the only possible cross-breeding cure. Wait until you’re going to be sober, the flips are going to end, the sleep is creeping back, and you’re going to be free from so much alcohol and THC.

Learn from this experience to know that may be sometime you will tap into a positive cross faded, but note that this is a negative experience most often.

What Is CBC and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid

What Is CBC and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

There is no doubt that many users of weeds know about cannabinoids, particularly the most common cannabinoids, THC and BuyMyWeedOnline CBD. But many users still didn’t know about cannabichromene, also called CBC. Founded about 50 years ago, CBC was known to be one of the best medicinal cannabinoids.

The roots of CBC are the same as THC and CBD, both of which are cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). CBC does not cause a high level of euphoria like THC. However, CBC binds to other receptors in the body associated with pain sensation; when CBC activates these receptors; the body releases higher levels of natural endocannabinoids, such as anandamide, known to reduce pain.

Although CBC has unique advantages, researchers claim that it works through combination with other cannabinoids, a concept known as the entourage effect. CBD is very useful when interacting with THC and CBC, but further analysis is required to investigate its advantages.

CBC’s Medicinal Potential

The supposed advantages of CBC have far-reaching consequences. Below are certain health issues that can be minimized with cannabichromene.


BuyMyWeedOnline CBC was first identified as a possible cancer fighter in 2006; this study investigates cannabinoids other than THC and their potential cancer impacts. While THC is famous for its anti-tumor properties for many cancer types, its strong psychotropic properties can reduce chemotherapy side effects. Recent research has shown that CBC is the second most potent cannabinoid to inhibit new cancer cell growth.


Cannabichromene has been shown to reduce collagen-induced osteoarthritis pain and inflammation. Cannabinoids like CBC have a distinct effect on inflammation than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), which have no side effects.


The study team that previously examined CBD’s effect on acne researched the same results from other cannabinoids, including CBC. In general, CBC has proven to be an efficient inhibitor of acne. CBC has good anti-inflammatory properties that are very effective for those with acne problems. CBC also reduced the levels of arachidonic acid (AA) necessary for the production of lipogenesis. More research is needed, but the time has come when CBC becomes an effective anti-acne treatment due to its impressive properties.

CBC’s therapeutic potential is significant and needs more study to establish its power both on its own and with other cannabinoids acting together in an area. Today, cannabis patients are restricted in the drugs that they have. Still, we expect that recent research and the relaxing of cannabis regulations can eventually contribute to the launch of new medications with various cannabinoids.

Mota – Dweebs


You have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing Edibles. Some users may prefer fruity THC gummies, while others may like THC cookies.

But Buy My Weed Online  Dweebs 125 MG THC per pack is one of the most popular THC infused edibles. Buy My Weed Online is one of the biggest online outlets for all cannabis lovers here to find all sorts of THC-infused Edibles at a reasonable price.


This Buy My Weed Online  Dweebs 125 MG THC per pack come with a colorful mix with enticing flavors, Micro-dosing has made it simple, you can start with a limited amount and work your way to a great dosage. Chewy, delicious, and ah; so delightful


  • Mota – Dweebs 125 MG THC provide long-lasting relief
  • Less risk of lung irritation
  • Always available online at
  • Mota – Dweebs 125 MG THC balances the psychoactive effects of THC
  • Mota – Dweebs 125 MG THC edibles are easy to dose
  • This Mota – Dweebs 125 MG THC per pack is good for relaxation, social anxiety, and is also restful and good for pain control.

Go and Order Now Mota – Dweebs 125 MG THC from Buy My Weed Online and enjoy a mix of THC extract and small candies.

This new compound in CBD products can help with sleep, anxiety, and focus

The new research reveals that approximately forty million American adults are depressed and nervous. Buy My Weed Online CBD may be of great benefit and is very good for sleep and fatigue problems, but do you realize that certain CBD items often produce an amino acid named L-theanine, mostly seen in green and black teas?

This article can discuss how L-theanine can alleviate anxiety, encourage sleep, and increase mental clarity.

How CBD and L-theanine can reduce anxiety

According to Dr. Junella Chin, the Medical Consultation Board president refers to the effects of L-theanine on attitude to the GABA endocannabinoid process, which controls the body’s reaction to a stressful situation.

GABA sends signals to the brain system to control anxiety and fear “working as a neurotransmitter.” GABA receptors reside on nerve cells and acquire GABA neurotransmitters to regulate nerve pulses.

CBD and L-theanine also alleviate tension and induce relaxation. L-theanine improves calm brain waves and improves GABA levels. GABA also leads the body down to strength and assures our bodies we’re healthy. It leads to minimizing fear, calms the nervous system, induces relaxation, and relaxes muscles. Cannabis generates a brain surplus of GABA, producing a relaxing and stimulating influence, Chin and Klein said.

In reality, studies suggest that cannabis “CBD” strains may help reduce anxieties for many users, so the mixture of CBD and L-theanin is effectively a double hit of relief.

How CBD and L-theanine can improve sleep

CBD may allow people to sleep and continue sleeping longer, mostly by reducing depressive effects that normally keep people up. Though L-theanine does not induce drowsiness, Dr. Chin said that because anxiety is a prevalent reason for sleeplessness, L-theanine and CBD may help treat insomnia since both compounds alleviate anxiety and support relaxation.

A research in 2008 tracked electrical activity in healthy young participants’ brains was given 50 mg of L-theanine when their eyes were closed. Later on, the test was again administered during a passive operation.

In both instances, L-theanin has been shown to increase alpha brain waves that facilitate deep relaxation and clear distracting thoughts or disturbances. This tends to minimize sleep lag, how long it takes for you to go from being fully awake to sleep, “Chin said. The elevated L-theanine GABA levels will also decrease the time it takes to sleep.

Why L-theanine and CBD will improve peace of mind and concentration

Nowadays, several studies show that L-theanine and CBD have increased mental focus, the explanation being that L-theanine itself blocks glutamate receptors that trigger restlessness, tension, and anxiety.

This 2016 research reveals with or without caffeine that L-theanine decreases tension and anxiety without inducing somnolence, which allows it more comfortable to concentrate on stressful activities. It is also valid that some CBD and CBD-dominant strains may also add to focus and render CBD and L-theanine a perfect combination for research and function.

According to Chin, L-theanine also affects sleep quality. Sleep quality is vital to mental clarity and concentration: REM quality (rapid eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid eye motions). Nightly REM-rich sleeps support cognitive roles such as decision making, and REM-sleep-dream imagination fuels, Chin said.

It’s a smart idea to consult with the main health care provider before adding a new supplement into the everyday routine, although it’s probably not unlike CBD. And, note that both L-theanine will relieve blood pressure.and supported by Buy My Weed Online

Grape Pie

If you’re a Lovers of Fruit, Grape Pie is your favorite treat from Buy My Weed Online. It’s a natural mix of 70/30, fruity, strong, and delicious. The fast euphoria of the head buzz will help you straight to the couch all night long. The high body, on the other hand, allows you to keep calm and happy with peace. The effect is a healthy Indica perfect for you to relax throughout the night.

Grape Pie was developed by Cannarado Genetics, a perfect hybrid between the well-known Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. The THC levels will hit 22% and an average of about 18%. Experienced consumers should predict wonderful times if they have this delightful strain.

Grape Pie cannabis has a lot of cannabis fans and not only for recreational purposes; are medicinal uses also like this strain. The elevated THC levels aid comfort for those with difficult-to-kick may health problems.


You will quickly notice the influence of the Grape Pie herb. The first effects occurred in only a few minutes with a euphoric rush from all directions. The euphoria is the perfect way to put your feet up and chill out for the night.

The body’s mood shifts instantly, and you appreciate the euphoric feelings right after that. Grape Pie strain high starts from the back of the neck with a soft tingle, it’s a highly relaxing body, so it wouldn’t make you drained. Don’t expect to travel soon, but you’re going to be so happy. Prepare for a couple of goodies and catch videos, which make sure you have a pleasant night.


Grape Pie has strong tones of grape juice and an earthy aromatic fragrance. Hint of sugar and spice persists even after the other fragrances are finished, reminding this entire tasty blend.

Grape Pie’s fruity, berry aromas are very strong and impossible to ignore. The exhale is often fruitier and nutty, which serves to balance the almost sweet taste


Undoubtedly, most THC strains are great for recreation lovers, but Grape Pie is exceptional and is the ideal choice for medical users and recreation consumers.

Depressed and stressed people find it helpful to reduce certain forms of symptoms.

It’s hard to sit in a dark mood with its euphoria. Despair and anxiety vanish in the presence of the growing influence of Grape Pie weed. It would also help people with insomnia, as patients would stop concern and can get better sleep.


Grape Pie will also calm physical discomfort. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory and soothing affects that function together to defeat several forms of pain. The high THC content of Grape Pie, in particular, will aid with anxiety headaches, migraines, and stress-inducing soreness pain. If you are planning to try this strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit Buy My Weed Online, one of the best online dispensary, and order now Grape Pie and start enjoying its excellent results.

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