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BMWO is Canada’s best online dispensary. It offers free express shipping on orders over $99. [Read More] – Live Resin and Rosin

When it comes to choosing an online dispensary or mail order marijuana (MoM) site it can be a challenge to choose the right one. Why not go straight to one of the pioneers of the Canadian Cannabis industry, a company that has been at the forefront of the Canadian Cannabis legalization movement, online dispensary, buymyweedonline

About (BMWO)

The founders of started as a group of grassroots cannabis growers and connoisseurs. Their belief that every Canadian should have access to medical and recreational marijuana began their cannabis journey starting in the late 1980s and through their efforts grew into the empire it is today and in tandem with their education and legislation efforts, cannabis legalization in Canada is now a reality. (BMWO) is not just your regular online cannabis dispensary, but rather, an institution. They pride themselves on providing consumers the best premium marijuana strains, concentrates, and edibles as well as the highest quality accessories. For BMWO marijuana/cannabis is more than a business, it represents every principle that they’ve stood by over the last four decades.

Live Resin and Rosin

Buymyweedonline only features top quality, tested products and they’re proud to feature rosin and live resin. Rosin’s popularity has skyrocketed due to its potency in combination with the process to extract it. From a purist’s perspective, you can’t get a concentrate more natural than rosin. Instead of using solvents, rosin uses a mechanical process involving heat and pressure to extract the resin from the cannabis plant whereas other extraction methods use solvents such as butane and/or propane. Basically, it’s made by pressing cannabis flower, kief, or trip between two very hot surfaces using high pressure which squeezes out the resinous sap from the bud resulting in rosin which has a thick texture and is translucent in color Although concentrates and extracts which use solvents in the process are perfectly safe, many people prefer the simplicity and purity of rosin. Often cited benefits of rosin include a cleaner, fast-acting high, impressive potency (50-70% THC content) and for those who prefer the flavor and aroma of terpenes, rosin is the perfect cannabis product.

On the other hand, live resin, also growing in popularity. Live resin is extracted from freshly frozen cannabis plants using solvents. The main difference between live resin and shatter which both use solvents is that live resin maintains it’s terpene profile, trichomes, and cannabinoids which results in a flavourful and potent cannabis extract. Due to a more complex process to extract compared to rosin for example, this soft, amber extract may command higher prices.


Note: If potency is your priority, choose Live Resin over Rosin, due to its extraction process it is generally more powerful than Rosin. (BMWO) Products

Due to high demand, Buymyweedonline is offering an impressive inventory of both rosin and live resins. Here are some of the brands featured:


Viridesco is based in Canada and has a well-known reputation for its potent products, especially their oils but they’ve recently expanded to include an impressive variety of live resins. features Viridesco Live Resin in a wide range of options:

Viridesco Live Resin: Alien OG, Cotton Candy, White Fire, Moby Dick, Gelato, Sweet Skunk, Strawberry Cough


On top of Viridesco’s live resins, also features:

Pure Reserve Live Resin: Haze, Sasquatch and Top Shelf Rosin

Online dispensary and mail-order marijuana (MoM) site (BMWO) not only carries live resins and rosins but browse their cannabis flowers, CBD oil, edibles, and other extracts such as shatter, diamonds, hash, and more.

BuyMyWeed Online Brings Back the Beast–Black Diamond (AAAAA)

BuyMyWeed Online has brought back some excitement to its online inventory, by restocking a better version of Black Diamond, the AAAAA. This is a Northern California strain recommended for those who may need strong medication against pain. It is therefore, the best solution for diseases like Arthritis. The good news is that, it does not have to send you to a deep slumber post smoking, but rather produces a different effect, making one more sociable and active. This product is cross between the Diamond OG and Blackberry. Its flowers show off a glittery purple trichome covering, that makes it not only a perfect for medical-use clients, but also makes it look very attractive. The strain’s aroma is a mix of earthy and musky, similar to that of deep red wine. It is the best strain when hanging out with friends, and watching your favorite show. Since it sends smokers to a hunger fest, it is the best strain for those who want their appetite back. It gives and unmeasurable sense of deep relaxation, one enough to take all the worries off your mind.

The strain might lead to distorted visions and abnormal hearing, but in very rare occasions does one drop into a giggling frenzy. Owing to the body stone effect that it emits; one is unlikely to participate in activities that require exercise. Apart from arthritis, this strain is also recommended for persons with lupus.

About BuyMyWeed Online

Most weed smokers would want a safe haven where they could window shop for all their favorite strains and have all the privacy they may need, away from all those they don’t want to know about their passion. BuyMyWeed Online is this site, with a delivery system that ensures your weed gets to your door step without raising any suspicions from your neighbor because of the ambiguous packaging used. Your financial data is kept safe, and our technical support ensures that your account is safe from identity theft or any other forms of cybercrime.

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