Canadian Women Share Their Preferred Cannabis Strains for Menstrual Pain

You’re struggling to fit in your denim, and you’re ready to screw anyone who looks at you in the wrong way. You suddenly want snacks, chips, and cookies, and you cancel all your week’s plans.

Well. You’ve had your periods.

Over those, you suffer from cramps, migraines.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of cannabis products from BMWO that are great for relieving the mood changes and physical discomfort that come with the menstrual period. It may take a while to find the right variety, but here are some tips to start.

Blue dream

Blue Dream is one of the most popular types, and you feel good after consuming this variety without all the jittery or anxious emotions that come with other cannabis types.

Blue Dream contains terpene myrcene, which gives this variation a sedative. If you’re going to take a big dose of Blue Dream, be prepared to spend the day on a cushioned couch, you may even get a decent night’s sleep after taking this strain.


Often the last thing you want to contend with is getting stoned out of your head while you’re coping with your period. You’re uncomfortable, moody, and tired, but you don’t want to bother getting up on top of the munchies.

That’s what makes the ACDC a perfect weed strain to deal with during the menstrual period. ACDC is going to settle you down. As ACDC includes some THC, you can also get the advantage of mood rising, although CBD tends to alleviate the discomfort you are in.

As a benefit, one of the reasons people use ACDC is because of nausea, so this strain might aid if you handle vomiting or nausea during your period.

White Widow

Unfortunately, when you have your period, the universe doesn’t stop. Your manager needs you to work now. Your children always have to be fed. Your activities always have to be performed.

Must-Try White Widow on the days when you have period.

White Widow is known for its resin quality and received awards from the 1990s. It has long been a common strain.

White Widow lets you get up to your feet and provides you the courage to start your day. It also alleviates cramps and migraines.

It doesn’t have to be utter misery to cope with the time of the month. Hope to find one in these cannabis strains that will help you to relieve symptoms.

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