The cannabis industry is booming, which is partly due to legalization, as more and more people hop over the fence and try cannabis products. The stigma removal is still under process, and people have become more welcoming and accepting of their marijuana enthusiast friends and family member as well.

Subsequently, it has led to a rise in the quality and price of cannabis products as economies of scale come into play. There are more edible options available than ever before, and most of them also come in different flavors to appease people’s unique taste buds. Industry leaders such as Cheap weed have contributed towards establishing a better supply-chain, better products, and an overall improvement in the quality of the operation.

Whereas, Serene Farms and some newer MoM’s have not only focused on carrying top-quality products, but also on improving customer relationships by providing 24-hour live support on their platform. This ensures that consumers can be tended to right away. Their shipping options are also cheaper, as customers can get their cannabis fix delivered conveniently and without a cost after spending just $99CAD This means they don’t have to fill their virtual carts with stuff they do not want just to reach $149CAD for free shipping.

Cannabis strains are gaining popularity due to both the health benefits and recreational effects but during this cannabis renaissance, the variety of taste, pungent fragrance, and THC and CBD levels have never been better. While edibles have taken the industry by storm, real OGs like Cheap weed know that their users prefer to smoke their cannabis and feel it kick in instantly. But smoking is just one part to it, while the other one is control. Strains can be, vaped, inhaled, or cooked into edibles; that variety and the availability of options is what experienced connoisseurs love.

Henceforth, and Serene Farms are proud to present you with Gelato. A rare flower that is immensely difficult to grow and procure and carries a distinct smell that sets it apart from its counterparts. The name itself comes from the Italian word for ice cream because of its sweeter smell and taste. It is a half-and-half hybrid, meaning that there is no dominant side to it. There is a perfect balance of Indica and Sativa. Its high is instant, almost too quick to even exhale properly. However, it is a mellow high which gives you a time to shine in front of others. If there was ever a strain to be used socially, Gelato would be it.

Its smell reminds you of one of its parents, a pungent citrusy smell that one would find in Sunset Sherbert. After all, Gelato was a taste engineered crossbreed between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl; a tasty child of two equally delicious parents. states that the clouds that form when you exhale Gelato make you start yapping and having new ideas that you never thought you’d wanna discuss with anyone. Although it is considered to be on the lower-end of the spectrum in terms of euphoria, it helps ease anxiety and melts negative thoughts away.

Moreover, consumers who have used Gelato regularly claim it to be a good deterrent to depressive disorders. As it had already been mentioned above, Gelato gets you going instantly, so you better so happily consume it at a party or a gathering; meet interesting people and enjoy this social high.

Cheapweed customers love Gelato’s as the THC content leans towards Indica and ranges below 25%, so it is neither that high nor too low; right in the sweet spot. Another one of its stated benefits is pain relief. Gelato’s pain-relieving quality ranks pretty high on the spectrum.

Most users prefer Gelato because of its taste, its well balanced makeup, and the fact that it improves their socialization skills. Customer reviews indicate that the strain has helped in bettering the lives of many of its users and its effects run deep.

Don’t waste any time waiting! Stocks are limited and you never know when cannabis enthusiasts might decide on wanting to stock up on all the Gelato they find!

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