he Strain in Spotlight at Cheapweed- The Classic OG Kush

There are various reasons to consume weed. Over the last few years, this marijuana classic has gained a lot of popularity because of its heavy feels and strong thick aroma. OG Kush is one of the all-time favorites – a classic amongst the cannabis long time users and newbies alike. OG Kush at  cheapweed.ca is best known for its relaxing and joyful effects.

The backstory of OG Kush

There is no chance to skip this utterly classic OG Kush strain when it comes to typical strains. Available at cheapweed.ca, OG Kush is nothing short of a legend. It makes up the genetic backbone of West Coast Cannabis varieties, yet its genetic origins have been debated for years and still remains a mystery. According to theories, OG Kush is a descendant of strains like Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, or Lemon Thai. While its history remains up for debate, most cannabis lovers agree that the strain richly deserves its ongoing popularity.

The appearance of OG Kush

This hybrid strain OG Kush is known for its heavy bushy lush, green-yellowish buds covered in glistering, resin-rich trichs. It has also spawned various marijuana strains, including “OG” in their monikers, such as SFV OG, Tahoe OG, and Fire OG.


The Aroma of OG Kush

As about the aroma? OG Kush carries an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, pointing to pinene as one of its many terpenes. Other terpenes found in the strain are relaxing terpineol, the boosting limonene, and anti-inflammatory yet seductive myrcene. It has an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants.


The Effects of OG Kush

The strain is cherished and known for its high effects on focus and its ability to crush stress under its heavy euphoria weight. If you’re looking for a flower that will help you concentrate while chilling or meditating, this hybrid is a great option to pick up. However, as contradictory as it might sound, OG Kush is also famous for its calming, relaxing, and joyful effects. In other words, it might make you sleepy and can also be taken to deal with insomnia. It leaves its users with both an intense head and heavy sensation. With the thick aroma of must berries, this strain’s taste is as strong as the effects themselves. It will cause you to feel cloudy, followed by peaceful sleep’ making this strain perfect for nighttime use. Both experienced and new users should consume this strain from cheapweed.ca cautiously, as a little goes a long way.

If you want a relaxing strain that will put you in a good mood and then heavy sleep, OG Kush from cheapweed.ca can’t be beaten.


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