Trying to find an escape for so long that you’ve started to lose yourself amidst the chaos of the world? Fasten your seat belt because the doob dasher  is here to liberate your mind and your soul. This online dispensary brings to you the trendiest and the finest quality cannabis strains that you must try if you are a user.

Ganja Bag of Cocks Regular – 4 x 60 MG THC

The Ganja bag of cocks regular comes in various flavors that will numb your mind and ease your pain. Some of these flavors inside the package are Berry Blast, Biscotti, Black Cherry, Blackberry, Blackberry & Strawberry, Blackberry Kush, Blue Cheese, Blue Cookies, and many more. People who try this strain are in for a ride. It has hands down the finest taste, the finest aroma, and the freshest strain on the market. Here at doob dasher, they bring to you a bag of buds that will make several days feel like paradise. It takes you to an intense euphoric state of mind but does not give you a hangover effect when you wake up in the morning.

Boost 1:1 (CBD: THC) Sour Lemon Gummies

As it has been said by doob dasher themselves that if you want the best of both worlds, you need to try out the sour lemon gummies for sure; with an equal ratio of CBD and THC levels, it is to die for. It not only calms your nerves but also relieves your pain. It has its medical benefits and soothing benefits as well. The packaging gives you a sense of privacy and convenience too.

High Dose- Cannabis Infused Gummies 1500 MG THC

If you are here for a good time, then the High dose, cannabis-infused gummies are here to save your day and life. The old concept of smoking cannabis strains, just for the sake of fun and chilling with your squad, feels like a classic. It seems like nobody wants to chill anymore and do nothing but just smoke weed and sit on the couch staring at the ceiling or the wall. So these cannabis-infused high THC gummies are here to remind you to have some fun, so hop on to doob dasher and let the party begin.


Fun or not, the cannabis strains also have amazing health benefits that make your mental and physical health better and keeps you active.

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