Are you a regular customer at Doob dasher? We have good news for you. Your favorite and some popular strains from doobdasher online dispensary are on a huge sale now. It is high time that you get to the website and stock up on your favorite strains at much lower rates before time runs out.

Doobdasher popular cannabis products on sale Must try these best cannabis products.


The legendary King Tut strain from the Doob dasher is a rare high Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Talking about its flavor, this strain has a fresh fruity and floral taste accompanied by a skunky aroma with sour tones. King tut is said to give you an energizing cerebral high with a euphoric sensation that follows up. This strain can treat insomnia, stress, and chronic pains.


Being one of the yummiest edibles in-store at Doob dasher, these cannabis-infused gummies are just a dose of fun with some high THC concentration in each gummy. These yummy sweet treats come in flavors like cherry, strawberry, watermelon, cherry cola, and tropical punch. All of these gummies are available in 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg as well.


These potluck THC gummies are the best-selling edible treats from the Doob dasher. So good that the stock runs out within days; These gummies are infused with premium quality cannabis oil and have a very high THC level which is 20mg per piece. These sweets come in Cherry, pear, lime, raspberry, strawberry, apple, grape flavors that tingle your taste buds.


The Purple Kush from the doob dasher is a pure Indica strain. This strain possesses a very fruity flavor like sweet berries and red wine alongside its sweet grape-like aroma. The purple Kush gives you a euphoric cerebral buzz which then spreads into your body as a numbing high with an uplifted mood. This strain can be ideal for treating body pain and stress.


Now that you know that your favorite products are on sale at amazingly affordable prices, you must stock up on it all before the sale is over.

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