A growing body of research suggests that cannabis sold by Doob Dasher can improve performance in video games by boosting concentration. It can also reduce anxiety, relax muscles, and boost vision, which can allow gamer to improve their performance when under pressure.

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Playing video games while high – now that’s a fun combo that never gets boring. Weeds from Doob Dasher can make video gaming sessions more fun and may also improve your skills.

So how does it boost your gaming performance when it can cause a euphoric high? After all, weed can interfere with memory, focus, and reflexes – all of which are required in gaming performance.

The answer lies in THC. This active compound in marijuana has been shown to improve in-game performance by boosting memory retention and focus. The result is that it allows gamers to concentrate on gaming and flush out the negative thoughts that could be affecting performance.

In professional gaming, cannabis from Doob Dasher is considered to be a performance-enhancing drug. For this reason, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) has made it mandatory for tournament players to undergo drug testing before playing.

THC and Its Performance Altering Affects

In addition to improving concentration and focus, weed can help your muscles relax and reduce anxiety and stress. It calms your nerves and lets you stay level-headed while you focus on your game-winning strategies to boost your performance.

Gamers who play high report that it removes negative feelings that interfere with performance and increases engagement with strategies and gameplay mechanics and. If you want to improve your gaming skills right away, then weed could help you out. With all of these amazing benefits, it should come as no surprise that marijuana use is banned during competitive gameplay.

With that said, there are a few potential drawbacks of using weed while gaming, such as the slow perception of time and reduction in linear motor response. Studies show that the decrease in fine motor skills increases with higher dosages while the desired effects on performance begin to plateau.

While you can’t bring marijuana with you in an actual eSports tournament, there’s no stopping you from trying it out in casual competitive gaming scenarios. It could bring out the best in you – and surprise your friends.

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