When Cannabis May Complicate Some Cancer Treatments

Nowadays, after the legalization of cannabis, each of us frequently hears doob dasher cannabis and cancer with the same breath more often than ever. Thanks to its anti-emetic and analgesic effects, cannabis is now known as a helpful cancer cure. Many experiments have found that cannabis can potentially have curative effects on cancer. Cannabinoids in the weed can prevent cancer cells from continuing to spread, slow the growth of cancer tumors, or even cause cancer cells to die.

While it is a reasonable cause to celebrate cannabis as a cancer fighter treatment, note that cannabis risks and cancer associations are still unknown. Scientists now recognize the endocannabinoid system’s role in cancer growth and how specific cannabinoids may stimulate cancer cell growth.

Besides, we didn’t know much about the interaction between cancer and the immune system. A retrospective study report in 2019 suggested that cannabis could be detrimental to immunotherapeutic cancer patients; today, immunotherapy is the preferred cure for multiple solid tumors.

Cannabis May Complicate Some Cancer Treatments

The immune therapy technique is used to stimulate the immune response to destroy cancer cells using drugs such as nivolumab, says Dr. Chanda Macias.

Immunotherapy uses body-created substances or produced in a laboratory to enhance or restore the working of the immune system, disrupt or delay cancer cells’ development.

Macias has an interest in genomics and cell biology and has been dealing with medicinal marijuana for more than 15 years. Although she knows the potential of cannabis as a cancer treatment, she warns that it may be complicated to combine immunotherapy with cannabis.

The immunomodulatory function of cannabis compounds has been observed, Macias says. Immunomodulation decreases the duration or frequency of the immune response and can increase the threshold necessary to initiate immune activity.

This ability renders cannabis suitable for managing inflammation or inflammatory disorders defined by over activity of the immune system. However, it is not as beneficial for cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy.

Some doob dasher cannabinoids seem to be burning regulatory T cells, inducing immunomodulation, and suppressing immune responses that may render the benefits of immunotherapy more challenging; a procedure aimed at getting the immune system in high gear for the war against cancer cells.

THC is an immunomodulator known to us. Yet CBD, the latest cannabinoid of everyone’s head, may even present immunotherapy difficulties. “CBD can also induce a similar decreased reaction, as CBD also decreases inflammation and can interact with a stimulating body immune response to immunotherapy,” Macias says.

Dr. Macias shares the following feeling: “When immunotherapy paired with medical cannabis usage is begun, caution will be needed to ensure that the anti-inflammatory properties of medical cannabis are not affected the immunotherapy.”

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