Weed elicit more stimulating and uplifting effects than any other energizing drink. It provides you an energetic pre-run boost for your everyday or casual workout. Athletes use cannabis to get into their accurate zone and focus on impeccable form. Football players use it off the field for quick pain relief. There’s something for everyone.  Products available at Doobdasher will give a hit of energy that will take you to a whole another level. They will push you to go harder at the gym or on the field.

Either you’re a casual exercise enthusiast or an all-star athlete, everyone has their personal pre and post-workout routine that makes them give their best. From refueling with a drink after a run to the tea that you sip before hitting the gym, there’s something for everyone. But did you ever think about introducing cannabis into that routine? If not, then you should! Products available at Doobdasher will give a hit of energy that will take you to a whole another level.

Boost your Exercise with Edibles

The effects of weed on the mind and body may vary from product to product and strain to strain, but one thing remains the same; marijuana found its way into the fitness market and is now trending. Cannabis and its edibles are explicitly becoming an accomplishment to exercise for casual workout freaks and professional athletes. Doobdasher inventory is filled with such energy-packed edibles.

Imagine yourself on a long run, surrounded by the same boring endless scenes, your mind goes dull, and your body begins to waver. And that’s when you need weed, the edible you ingested at the beginning of your run, and suddenly you’re back in your zone, and at peace, all braced up to conquer more miles. This is what marijuana does to you. Just one of the reasons why cannabis-infused edibles have become more prevalent amongst ultra-marathoners, athletes, professional skiers, and many others.

Why Cannabis Edibles?

With such a wide variety of cannabis products in the market, you might wonder why edibles? While there are countless options for consuming marijuana, edibles give you an athlete-friendly solution. Moreover, they often contain hyperactive, performance-benefitting impacts not found in relief-oriented post-workout products such as balms and patches.

Weed helps you endure discomfort, filling you with that push you need to get through those last few steps or reps. They are also capable of relaxing you. They enhance your pace, reduces performance anxiety, and even get you in the flow state of consciousness that you feel energized.

At Doobdasher, opt for Sativa based edibles, Indica oriented edibles or hybrids for that get-up-and-go punch.

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