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At, Ganja Express, you may place an order for your marijuana from a reputable and secure online seller, a process that is completely discrete. This site has marijuana in all its forms ranging from edibles to balms, for medicinal purposes and for enjoyment.  Once you have placed an order, expect a fast and safe delivery of your product. Depending on the distance, this might take 2-3 working days. For any orders above $99, our clients can also enjoy free delivery.
With the increase in cases of cyberbullying, it is also most likely that you have been a victim of online transaction frauds. However, we can assure you that this platform offers a safe and encrypted method of payment that will ensure that your money and personal financial information is kept as safe as it can be. Our mode of payment is through PayPal. Our products are also very affordable, with up to 25% off offers on certain order amounts of flowers and concentrates, and up to 20% off ganja carts for more than 12 carts.
Talking about quality,,our marijuana products are of high qualities, and with right mixes of Sativa, Indica, THC, and CBD. Our strains are acquired from certified farmers who use the latest cultivation techniques in their production. Our registration process is very first and upon completion, whenever we restock some of the latest products that you might be interested in, we will notify you by mail. 
A, Ganja Express, our customers are our priority, and that is why we also have a 14-day return policy in the event that the wrong product is delivered, or poor quality is delivered. You are guaranteed of immediate refund if you raise a claim through our website within this 2-week period. 
Who else can you trust more than people who were at the forefront of the 2009 legalization of weed and have been in operation for more than 5 years? Trade with the trusted partner and have a life changing experience. 

Buymyweedonline vs GanjaExpress

In Canada today there are hundreds of online dispensaries and mail order marijuana sites available at the touch of a button. Having your weed and cannabis products delivered to your doorstep has never been easier or more convenient. What poses a challenge now is how to decide where to order from? It can be an overwhelming and sometimes confusing choice to decide which online dispensary you want to spend your money. This article aims to bring consumers like you, some clarity by comparing two well-known sites that sell cannabis online – Buy my weed online and Ganja Express.
The decision to order cannabis from a website is not as straightforward as ordering a pack of tube socks. It requires answering several questions about product quality, selection of products, security and value for money. In comparing Buymyweedonline and GanjaExpress this article will assist you in finding the best products and deals to make your online shopping experience a smooth, enjoyable experience.
GanjaExpress is one of the best-known dispensaries in the cannabis industry and many online shoppers are likely to be familiar with it. This article will examine closely whether GanjaExpress lives up to the hype in terms of reliability, products, and price.  
To evaluate GanjaExpress we compare its performance against another popular online dispensary,
Buymyweedonline vs GanjaExpress: Factors to Consider
Comparing Buymyweedonline and will hopefully give you a more informed view of how these two dispensaries satisfy the needs of online consumers, cannabis connoisseurs and medical marijuana patients and determine which areas they perform well as well as determine if they have any weaknesses.  
Deciding which Canadian online dispensary is best will depend on several factors, all of which should be taken into consideration.  
These include:
  • Inventory, specifically the range of products
  • Availability of customer service
  • Delivery
  • Cannabis-appropriate packaging
  • Price (including reward schemes and discounts)
  • Returning customers
  • Discretion
  • Safety and security
Buymyweedonline and GanjaExpress were evaluated in terms of this checklist based on a review of their websites and a review of customer feedback.  
Anyone considering ordering cannabis from a website is presented with a bewildering choice. Over the last few years the number of online dispensaries operating out of Canada offering cannabis products to consumers has grown exponentially. Although this has certainly increased consumer choice, it has also made the situation extremely confusing for potential cannabis customers. This article aims to bring some clarity to this state of affairs by comparing two well-known sites that sell cannabis online – and GanjaExpress.
Perhaps the biggest question potential cannabis buyers have is whether the website they are browsing a legitimate business? Will the products they order arrive? No one wants to be ripped off. So is legitimate? Firstly, is a well-reviewed website and the majority of online reviews award the site a rating of 4* or more. This is in line with other reputable online dispensaries and mail order marijuana sites. Like all sites, there is always some It is possible to find some negative feedback for, however, the comments didn’t detract from the overall positive reviews.
Upon browsing GanjaExpress, one negative is that the website security certificates are not immediately visible. We did further investigation for potential customers, although it’s helpful for these certificates to be visible it does not mean that the website isn’t secure. We confirmed with’s web security team and they ensured us that they have top quality security that rivals online stores such as and They lose a point because we had to contact them for this information. In their defense, most online dispensaries are similar.
For many online buyers of cannabis, it all comes down to the product – can they get the weed they want? At GanjaExpress they’ll be pleased to know that they have an impressive selection of flowers. It’s also evident that GanjaExpress stocks a good range of concentrates/extracts, edibles, vape tips and pens, accessories, CBD oils and more. In the bud/flower category, a range of pure indicas and sativas are available as well as many hybrids. As for concentrates, GanjaExpress and offers shatter, live resin, oils, budder, wax, and has a wide selection of edibles, from gummies to chocolate, all from reputable Canadian brands in delicious, best-selling flavors. GanjaExpress and both also stock a good selection of CBD products.
From the reviews it seems that the majority of GanjaExpress customers are ordering weed strains such as Gelato, Sour Diesel, and Pink Kush. However, their bestsellers also include their extensive range of CBD tinctures, extracted to relieve insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and more.
Another reason GanjaExpress is popular is because they are competitively priced. Prices for flowers, edibles, and concentrates are in line with other online dispensaries as well as concentrates and extracts, such as shatter, diamonds, hash and more.
For the more expensive products, GanjaExpress runs some special offers and discounts. This includes GanjaExpress’ Special Ounce Offers, weekly flash sales and their monthly free giveaways are a hit. also runs similar specials and contests. GanjaExpress doesn’t have a loyalty program nor is there a referral program but their marketing department has stated that one is in the works for later in 2020.
Moving on to the next factor that we’re rating, the delivery process. This logistical point can make for a happy repeat customer or an irate one who leaves bad reviews. Any reputable online dispensary business should excel in the delivery department. At free shipping is given for any order reaching $99+ whereas GanjaExpress has free delivery for orders reaching $150+. The ordering process appears to be straightforward for both online dispensaries.
Once your online E-Transfer payment is confirmed and received by GanjaExpress and, your items will be processed and packaged ready for shipping the following business day. Your package will be tracked by the Xpresspost tracking system and once the item is shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number. reviews state that deliveries are prompt with deliveries arrive within 3-6 business days. GanjaExpress deliveries arrive on on average in 4-7 business days a touch longer to wait for your cannabis goodies.
Overall, the feedback on GanjaExpress indicates very strongly that customers have quite a high level of satisfaction with them and it appears that GanjaExpress is an online dispensary that can be trusted.  
Overall, there are two negatives to online dispensary GanjaExpress. Firstly, there is the issue of price. GanjaExpress isn’t the cheapest nor is it the best value for the quality. Consumers found that similar quality products at other online dispensaries are much cheaper. This is where many customers should consider as an alternative to GanjaExpress. While not as well-known as GanjaExpress, is a reputable online dispensary and has several specific advantages over its competitor.  
The website is also very easy to navigate, making for a convenient shopping experience for visitors. The site’s overall design is clear and succinct making browsing an enjoyable process. Looking for something specific? Use the handy search bar to quickly get to your product in one step.
Where takes the cake from GanjaExpress is when it comes to price. offers lower prices across the board and this is because they grow their own weed in house and can pass on those savings directly to the consumer. Bonus!
Another difference that sets above GanjaExpress is their regular special offers and discounts. For an online dispensary, buymyweedonline slashes prices by 10% and sometimes as much as 50% which most other mail order marijuana sites never do. Buymyweedonline also has a referral program, so those who love recommending products to friends can score some amazing incentives from cash or credit towards products. Your choice!
Online dispensary buymyweedonline is most famous for their Budget Buds section. This is by far their best-selling section on the site. Connoisseurs from all over Canada order from this section regularly. Although it doesn’t boast a massive Budget Buds inventory, the strains in this section are top-notch and curated for the most discerning recreational and medical users and the Budget Buds are available at heavily discounted prices.
Who comes out the winner for the best online dispensary? Both brands, GanjaExpress and buymyweedonline are reputable options with GanjaExpress being the older site and buymyweedonline being the up and coming dispensary that has one of the best Budget Buds section in the industry. Happy shopping!

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