Is cannabis addictive?


Nowadays, with the legalization of cannabis in several states of the USA and Canada, several consumers have a number of concerns about cannabis in their minds and one simple and very important question are “Is cannabis addictive or not”. This is a question that is not answered by many people if you want to know the answer so; first, you have to understand “what is an addiction.”

You can believe that cannabis is potentially non-addictive if you think that addiction is a drug addiction that is characterized by withdrawal symptoms that you have never encountered directly.

Some users claim that addiction is biologically manifested and that cannabis can be addicted in the same manner that play, sex or food can be called addicted because they produce generating pleasurable brain responses. Although there are many benefits to Cannabis that Ganja Express offers

The latest research shows that 30% of adolescents with marijuana might have a degree of marijuana disorder. Marijuana use disorders are also related to dependency, in which a person experiences signs of withdrawal if he does not take cannabis. People that regularly consume marijuana experience irritability, attitude and sleep difficulties, decreased appetite, hunger, restlessness, and different forms of discomfort that peak in the first week after they leave and continue up to 2 weeks. Marijuana dependency arises as the brain responds to massive amounts of the substance by minimizing their output and sensitivity.

It is necessary to remember that the attitudes of a regular cannabis user are not generally compatible with the above. Although cannabis can have certain psychological elements, it is exceptionally rare to depend on negative shifts in life.

What is cannabis use disorder?

You don’t always hear individuals in research and medical communities claim “cannabis overdose.” Instead, you can most often encounter the word ‘Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD)’ because that’s the diagnosis mentioned in the official DSM-V manual.

Some sign of cannabis use disorder

  • Cannabis is often consumed in larger quantities or longer than expected.
  • There is a continuing urge or unwillingness to cut or control cannabis use
  • A strong desire or willingness to use cannabis again and again
  • Important social events or gathering, job or leisure practices are abandoned or reduced by cannabis use

Always remember that cannabis use disorder is addictive when a person cannot stop consuming the herb, even if it impacts some aspects of his or her life. Estimates of people suffering from drug use disorder remain controversial. Some surveys suggest that Nine per cent of individuals who consume weed suffer from marijuana use disorder. This study further reveals that 17 per percent of teenagers struggle from drug use disorder because they use weed at such an early age.


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