LA Grape

Grape L.A. brought to you by THC Gummies is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Grapefruit and LA Confidential. This product from THC Gummies has a fragrant smoke with an initial cerebral sativa buzz that slowly transitions into a fully relaxing indica high. THC Gummies  have shatter, sativa and indica flower and a variety of THC Gummies.

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LA Grape
This cannabis strain is indica dominant (20% sativa and 80% Indica). It also has a potency of 30% THC. LA Grape is a cross of strain of the classic Grapefruit X LA Confidential. With ganjaexpress, these kinds of parent strains, you can expect to fall into one hell of a high. The LA Grape high sets in as a feeling of happiness that is followed by a heady effect that begins with a light sting behind the eyes before distributing to the rest of your body in a light buzzing sensation. Soon, you will fall into an out-of-focus state that’s somewhat sedative. These impacts will soon spread all through the rest of your body, sending you completely relaxed and faintly couch-locked state, but you will be entirely happy about the situation. With these potent impacts and its super high THC levels, L.A. Grape is regarded as ideal in the treatment of conditions like chronic stress, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and migraines. L.A. Grape buds have sweet earthy flavor with a sense of rich spicy coffee. The fragrance is very much the same, when smoking though pretty sharp. L.A. Grape buds also have nugs that are spade-shaped and minty green with lively orange hairs and veneers of trichomes crystals that are tiny and clear.
LA Grape, can be purchased at ganjaexpress also has an interesting Terpene Profile. As its name suggests, the strain is all about those sweet flavors, with a long-lasting tropical fruity aroma that mimic clean pine undertones and Grapefruit parentage of the LA Confidential. Fascinatingly, some L.A Grape smokers have reported to have noticed a unique ‘sweet coffee’ flavor – but, given the impacts, this is one roll you will undoubtedly want to save for that perfect time to unwind late in the evening after a long day at work. Ongoing research has revealed that this strains high THC and low CBD make it perfect for the stimulation of appetite, reduction of fatigue and in the management of Glaucoma.

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