Have you ever tried different strains of OG Kush? Have you ever experimented with cannabis strains at all? Here is a chance for you to try all these strains just a tap away. The Tale of two strains is what you need on your home page. The best strains of cannabis are all available here.

Best Strains best Tale of two strains cannabis strains for every weed lover

The Tale of two strains is an online cannabis dispensary. If you are a weed lover or someone who has a medical issue that can be cured with cannabis. This dispensary is what you will need. You can order now and enjoy it whenever you want. Here is your chance to try all the different strains such as;

Alien OG (AAA)

This Indica dominant strain is more like a lemon in flavor and has a very piney aroma. It has a 28% of THC, which helps the user feel light as a feather and float above clouds. This strain is known for psychedelic effects which are usually used for party nights. The effects start slow and then creep on, getting heavier.

Permafrost (AAA)

A strain that is a specialty of the Tale of two strains, a true hybrid that has effects balancing the body and the mind; it has an aroma of piney freshness which is very earthy and helps people with disorders like ADHD or PTSD. It has very relaxing characteristics.

Grape Ape (AAA)

Though it is a slow-flowing strain, it takes 7-8 weeks, but it is worth it. Having a characteristic grape scent and amazing relaxation effects on both body and mind; with higher doses, it is hard to even get up. It is an Indica dominant strain, which is used well in this blend of cannabis strains.

King Tut (AAA)

Looking for creative stimulation? The Tutankhamon strain is the best one in the Tale of two strains. It is Sativa dominant and has creative stimulant effects. It is used for a good day initiation.



Having authentic and tested cannabis can only be found in medical dispensaries. While many can claim to have the best product; On the Tale of two strains has proved their worth.

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