Blue City Diesel

Tale of Two Strains Blue City Diesel is a multi-talented Indica-dominant strain that is perfect both during the day and at night. It is very aromatic and fun to consume, so it has now been voted as some of the most common cannabis industry strains.


Tale of two strains Blue City Diesel is a potent scent hybrid produced by combining the Blueberry strain and NYC Diesel. This had a fragrant and mildly indicative strain of elevated THC levels “16%-23%” on average, and was very popular for its extreme cerebral effects.

Blue City Diesel is a fast-acting strain that kicks in almost instantly and instantly draws consumers to its long-lasting and extremely friendly results.


Blue City Diesel creates a high that can be described as just as beautiful as it grows and operates easily, creating an overwhelmingly enjoyable state of relaxation. This strain does not establish a couch-lock that makes you feel comfortable and energetic immediately.

This dominant Indicia fusion is the ultimate feel-good solution that helps you feel completely raised and away from regular stress. Blue City Diesel provides a fantastic high body and a stable mind that keeps you balanced.


Blue City Diesel is a rare, sweet-smelling herb with moderate blueberry and diesel notes. Its smell is quite tiresome, with honey and earthy notes and a distinct pungent aroma that appears to hang in the air.

The strain sounds like a flavor festival, a mix of beer and blueberry, and a strong fuel brush. Blue diesel on the inhalation mouth may taste good, but it may offer a pungent aftertaste and mouth-watering to the inside of your mouth.


Blue City Diesel steadily developed its popularity as an outstanding medicinal alternative, remedying a long list of problems that are challenging to treat. More particularly, the strain has shown to be very useful in combating persistent stress.

This strain is, therefore, suitable for people with difficulties treating their chronic pain. Blue City Diesel can help relieve various pain conditions, including back pain, knee pain, spasms, and migraine, and is often known to help ease inflammation and arthritis.


Blue City Diesel is exceptionally uplifting and is thus useful in managing depression, allowing the customer to find more successful approaches to boost his outlook and encourage him to be more confident in his day.

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