Is Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’?

We all know that weed is one of the most well-known and widely used substances but can know all about it. In addition to the misunderstanding, there are still widespread myths, one of which is that cannabis is a gateway to more severe drug use from Tale of two strains

Here, in this post, we will explore the misconception of the “gateway substance,” and others you might have noticed.

Is Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’?

Cannabis is often pointed to as a “gateway drug” and is likely to lead to the usage of many such severe substances. The word “gateway drug” became common in the 1980s. The whole idea is focused on the observation that recreational substances sometimes begin consuming cannabis. Some claim that cannabis stimulates neural pathways in the brain, contributing to individuals developing a “taste” of the pot. However, there is little research to support these claims. However, many individuals consume cannabis before taking other substances that alone may not prove that cannabis use has caused them to use other substances.

One theory is that cannabis is more available and cheaper than other substances. So, if anybody wants to try it, it’s likely that they’ll proceed with cannabis. One of Trusted Source’s 2012 study estimates that 83.2 percent of illegal substance users did not use marijuana for the first time in Japan, where marijuana is not available in the US.

Another research indicates that multiple users who consume cannabis and often use it as a normal part of their life are not inspired by illegal substances such as cocaine or heroin. In fact, marijuana is increasingly seen as a way of helping people get away with illegal drugs.

The reality that the myth of cannabis as a “gateway drug” derives from its restriction involves those who wish to purchase cannabis on the black market. In this case, illicit pot traffickers who market stronger substances are the biggest pushing factor for the pot’s consumers to harder drugs. The ban establishes the link. Drop the ban, and the connexion between weed and bad stuff falls.

Moreover, there are several scientific studies that have researched and shown the ‘gateway drug’ theory to be unexpected, or at least difficult to prove if not unlikely.

And the fact is that even prohibitionists like D.A.R.E. and the federal government are no longer fighting to support the concept of a gateway.

So don’t worry, weed isn’t a gateway drug – Tale of two strains. A whiff of weed does not contribute directly to a needle in your arm.

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