Having a party coming up? Or you want to have a good time with your friends? Well, you have just come at the right time. It’s the sale season, and  Tale of two strains has something you would like to try. What’s better than marijuana when it’s on sale?

Let’s have a look at the fantastic sales deals that every weed lover should try now.

Four sales deals every cannabis user must try

Mix & Match | Faded Edibles x 3 Packs | 180mg Packs

For only 52 dollars, you get any flavors of three faded edible packs at a significantly discounted rate. It also comes with free shipping on a purchase of more than $150. The best part about the candy is 240mg THC per pack and 30mg THC per piece. It is indeed a party.

Mix & Match | Twisted Extracts x 5 THC Bombs | 80mg Packs

For only 60 dollars, you can get five packs of THC bombs, which are gummies. The product is divided into 8 x 10 dosages per piece. The buzz is consistent and makes you even more mellow.

Mix & Match | Vape Cartridges x 5 | 1g Cartridge

This Mix & Match deal is best for those searching for the best vape cartridges at the best price. For only 190 dollars,  you can buy five Vape Cartridges of 1g. Also, you get a combination of your favorite polar concentrates and a cartridge.

Mix & Match | Supreme Disposable Vape x 5 | 1g Pen

For those who use Disposable vape pens, Tale of two strains offers an excellent and affordable deal. You can buy five Supreme Disposable Vape of 1g in only 199 dollars. These disposable pens are available in different flavors, so why are you waiting now? Just visit the Tale of two strains and get your desired flavor at an affordable price.


Sales will not always be available, so seize the moment and get your desired product from the Tale of two strains at a very reasonable price. You won’t regret buying anything from the Tale of two strains.

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